Curious Part 1 “The Meeting”
Reserved dining table

Curious Part 1 “The Meeting”

The lighting was just bright enough for Carmen to notice the woman at the next table watching her.
The dinner meeting was going great.
“So Mark, how did you enjoy the salmon?” Carmen inquired.
“It was excellent, I’m surprised that I never heard of this place before,” he replied.
“What do you think of the proposal?” she asked
Out the corner of her eye Carmen notices the young woman seductively trying to get her attention. (She stares at Carmen, licks her lips and slightly bites on her pointer finger, lusting from across the room.)
“I am confident that you will take our business to the next level. I will have the documents signed, along with a check sent to your office tomorrow morning.” Mark stated.
“That’s great! This is the beginning of a great relationship.” Carmen replied excitedly
“Let me excuse myself, I need to go freshen up.” Carmen stated.
Mark gets up and pulls back Carmen’s seat to help her exit the table.
“What a gentleman”, she thought to herself.
Carmen retreats to the bathroom overwhelmed with joy and a little turned on. She noticed that there’s a slight wetness in her panties. Could this deal be causing this or the girl at the table, she wonders to herself.
This job is worth 2 million dollars. This is the first deal of this magnitude, since she opened her firm 3 years ago.
Mark continues to enjoy his gourmet meal prepared by one of the most renowned chef’s in the world. Their waitress appears and asks if they needed anything. Mark gestures, “No”.
Who would have thought, with her past issues that she’d come this far. It’s a miracle she’s still here.
Carmen is still in her own world and doesn’t notice the woman who was staring, bump her. The woman inconspicuously slides her business card in Carmen’s pocket with a note on the back.
Still overcome with excitement Carmen is unaware of what just took place. She retreats to the table and finishes up the meeting.
During the cab ride, she reaches into her pocket and notices a business card. She begins to smile from the note written on the back. “The woman from the next table, call me.”
“Lawyer, huh! Well I guess we’ll see about that. I will call her later.” Carmen mumbles to herself.
She pays the cabby and exits, putting the card back into her jacket pocket.

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